Is Glitter Bad For The Environment?

I certainly love glitter just as much as the rest of the glitter-obsessed world, but funny enough, I never stopped to think... How is glitter made? What is the environmental impact of glitter? Or even more importantly, what is glitter made from?

I’ve spent dozens of hours researching ways to consume less plastic in all walks of my life, so it came as a shock to realize cosmetic glitter is made of the P word. PLASTIC! What’s worse, the particles are so small they are considered a microplastic.

That means those little glittery specks are so small they end up sneaking through water filtration systems and eventually find their way into the ocean. Did you know plastic absorbs bacteria? And fish eat micro-plastic thinking it’s food and it’s saturated with bacteria and...and… Ahh.. how could this be!? *Head spinning* Deep Breath!

After gathering myself from my meltdown, I came across a company in Australia that sells biodegradable cosmetic glitter. Instead of plastic, it's made of cellulose film derived from sustainably forested eucalyptus plants! And it looks just the same (if not better) than plastic glitter! I thought, 'how could this be any more exciting?'

I don’t have to give up my love for glitter, it’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and just plain DOPE!

Several months after my discovery, I loved this idea so much I decided to start mixing my own blends and putting it on people at music festivals and events. Just for fun.

And then I had an epiphany… why not sell it myself? Poof! Universal Soul was born. It has been an exciting journey filled with a lot of learning and growing.

But most of all it has been incredibly rewarding to spend joyful moments with people while transforming them into glitter gods and goddesses. With any luck, I hope the glitter and its positive roots brings light to everyone's soul, allowing them to shine brightly on the inside as well outside.

If you’re reading this, thanks for following my journey here on Soulshine LA and if you’d like to try Universal Soul Glitter, please enjoy a discount code that will take 15% off your purchase. (SHINYSOUL15)

Stay Shiny Gem Babies!

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