13 Music Festival Camping Essentials You Don't Want To Forget

I'm heading to Lightning In A Bottle this week and I was going to my checklist of items for festie camping and I thought I'd share some my essentials with you. Of course, there many other things that I will be bringing like a tent, cooler or sleeping bag but these are 13 music festival camping essentials that you just may forget or not think of bringing if it's your first time.

I've also linked most of the items I could find via Amazon Prime, so if you're in a time pinch you can throw them all in your cart and lickety-split your set to go!

13 Music Festival CampingEssentials

1. Lantern or Flashlight

It gets dark at night and you need to see things. Simple. I just bought this cool solar lantern from a Amazon that hangs from your tent which I thought was really handy. I'll also take a flashlight and either keep it with me or leave in near the entrance of my tent.

2. Netty pot or nose spray

Most festivals are in grassy and sandy areas and it can can really drying to your nose and skin. Nothing feels better than being able to clear out your olfactory at night or in the morning. Here's a great homeopathic option by Seagate Olive Leaf!

3. Bandana or Scarf

Again, dusty. You want to use these to help combat breathing in dust all day and night.

4. Earplugs

Your neighbors are going to be doing things at different times than you are and that bass will be thumping all night long, earplugs are a music festival essential for keep you well rested! Also, you may want to protect your ears if the music is too loud, I recommend the Mack's Hear Plugs High Fidelity Musician's Ear Plugs. Protection and quality sound!

5. Cups, forks, plate

Let's be real, tens of thousands of people eating and drinking from one-time-use plastic cups is not really that hippy-dippy-love-thy-mother-earth. Let's not be known for the amount of trash we create but instead the amount of love we generate and bring our own reusable cups and utensils. You can add your cup to your bag with a carabiner for easy access! Keep utensils in your bag and bring them out when you are grabbing some grub or a bevy. I like this bamboo set!

6. Lights for your tent at night

Anything that lights up that is recognizable to you that you will be able to spot in the darkness amongst a zillion other tents that look exactly like yours. This is so helpful I can't even tell you. The bigger, the brighter the better! Oh, and make sure they are solar powered or at the very least, battery operated. I like these solar lights and they've been through 3 festivals and Burning Man and they still kill it!

7. Warm clothes

Yes, we all want to look cute but you'll have way more fun if you keep yourself warm through the night when the temperature drops around 3am. Faux furs work well!

8. Close toed shoes and comfortable shoes

You're either walking through sand or grass for long distances, dancing or standing. Be comfortable! For more on what to wear your can check out my blog What To Wear To A Music Festival.

9. A mirror

You may just want to look at yourself in the mirror from time to time. Put on makeup, biodegradable glitter, take out contacts etc.. It's handy, y'know!

10. Extra Toilet Paper

These porta potties tend to run out! Bring a little stash in a ziplock and carry it with you.

11. Hand Sani

You are just going to want this. Potties tend to run out by the second day and are always as quickly filled up as you would hope. You also may want to use hand sani right before you eat something too! It's handy!

12. Baby Wipes

Showers are not open all night and you will be thankful to clean your skin off from dust and sweat with baby wipes when you get home from the day!

13. An open mind!

Of course you won't forget this but sometimes it's just good to remind ourselves that despite having plans to see certain sets or check certain things out, with that much positive magical energy around things seem to have a way of unfolding the way they are supposed to. Lose your friends? Maybe you find new ones for the night! Miss a sick set, because you're having the time of your life doing something just as cool. Let is ride! Get my feel?

I hope this music festival camping essential list was helpful for you and I hope you have fun at whatever your next festie is! If you want more music festival hacks check out my youtube video 10 Music Festival Hacks. Until then, stay shiny!

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