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Sometimes you have to make a little room for magic in your life. Be open to its possibilities and invite its power to change you. Let it paint your world with vibrant color and burning sense of curiosity.

// Top: American Apparel //

// Skirt: Crossroads //

Summon it to guide your dance as you move moment-to-moment with grace and freedom. One foot in front of the other devoid of direction or judgment. Simply a journey of whimsical discovery.

Seek adventure. Seek knowledge. Seek the unknown horizon. The treasures of life and the secrets of the Universe are not solely within your grasp, but in the beyond.

// Vegan Clutch: FruitenVeg GEMINI Bracelet Clutch //

// Rings: Grace Bijoux //

Dance with life.

Play with freedom.

Move with expression.

Be one with love.

For we are dreamers.. creators.. lovers. We are pulled by magic and mystery... forces that unlock our truth and destiny.

We are magic.

Hair By: Suzie Garcia

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