What To Wear To A Music Festival

It's that time of year, guys. When the mer-babes, flower-children, and gypsy goddesses rise out of their long winter hibernation for some bright, colorful and sparkly festie fun! I thought I would put together a list of a few tips on what to wear to a music festival in case you need some inspo or it's your first time. Here we go..

Comfort Is Key

In my opinion, this should be at the top of your list. Whether you're heading between stages, to yoga/meditation, taking in educational talks or shuffling the day away at the Woogie stage, you definitely don't want to be concerned about your tootsies or get painful blisters. I've found that combat boots and flats are perfect for day activities. At night when the temps drop, furry boots are fun and cozy. Platforms can work too, if that's your thing, but remember that anything with a heel may cause you to slow your tribe when on the move trying to catch Shiba San's sick set. This is especially important for multi-day festivals because you'll want to be fresh and rejuvenated as much as possible.

For shopping suggestions, I've had the best luck looking on second-hand clothing and shoes on sites like Poshmark. Or get crafty and glitterfy an old pair. No one will have the same ones as you and it's always fun to upcycle.

Dress To Express

Where what speaks to you. If mainstream fashion trends didn't exist, what would you wear? What inspires you? Is there a certain era you absolutely love? Or perhaps a mythical creature you'd be in a fantasy world? Be as elaborate and bold as you want or if simplicity is your thing, do that! There are no rules when it comes to expressing yourself... just be you! Check Pinterest for drool-worthy inspo!

Dress For The Temp

Daytime is usually sun-drenched. Scarves or hooded scarves work well and can add a little mystery to your look. Or try a parasol, as they combine function and fashion. And they're fun to twirl! Check out these galactic hoodies from Stardust Love or these uber-eco coverups from Ara Star Apparel.

At night, it can get nippy, especially if you're planning to be out after 3 AM. I've made the mistake of not wearing warm clothing and you can bet my night was cut much too short. Hashtag, FAIL! My advice? Dress in layers. Long sleeved bodysuits work well and vintage furs/faux fur coats are rad while keeping you cozy all the way through till sunrise.

Check on Etsy, Poshmark or Depop or go festie thrifting with your bestie!

Surrender Your Bag

Let's face it, the last thing you want when the base drops is to be held back by your dangling, awkward purse. Fanny packs and utility belts are surprisingly stylish at festivals. Or go for a backpack, if that's your jam! You can keep all your daily necessities with you while still feeling free to dance your heart out.

Check Etsy or swoon over these magical wing utility belts from Talismana Designs. They're vegan!

Hydration Pack

Hydration is key when walking and dancing all day in the sun. Most festivals have a communal watering hole where you can easily refill, so ditch the clunky water bottle for a form-fitting, convenient pack. In addition to staying hydrated, you can easily store small essentials or a light garment. Don't think hydration packs are sexy? Think again! Companies like Vibedration have you covered with super cute, colorful pieces. Or you can always head to REI for more traditional packs.

Leave No Trace

Last but definitely not least, make sure your clothing and accessories are Moop-free. Moop is a Burning Man term, which means "Matter Out Of Place." This is anything that ends up on the ground that's not meant to be there. It includes things as small as sequins, feathers and glitter. Whatever you wear make sure its going to stay on you! At Burning Man it is discouraged to wear any clothing with the aforementioned items, however, at other festivals it is not as strictly regulated. Choose wisely and secure your Bindi!

Photo from: MoopSquad.com

Are you going to any festivals this year? If so, comment down below and let me know which ones! And remember no matter what you wear or don't wear, let adventure find you. Be open to new meeting new people and to new experiences. You never know where the magic will lead you. Stay Shiny!

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