Burnt Soul

There are days where I wake up feeling like a super hero. Days that I feel fearless, unstoppable, ready to fight the negativity we see in this world with a blast of rainbow love and endless hope. Those days, I like to put on a catsuit, like this one by Burnt Soul, and set off into the infinite lands of creativity and unicorns shining my soul so brightly out into the Universe hoping to lift off and find myself in another dimension.

// Holographic Catsuit: Burnt Soul //

I wish I felt like this everyday, but I don't. There are days that setting my feet down beside my bed in the morning seems like a daunting endeavor. Like the weight of the world is just too heavy, too dark to carry on. Nasty headlines seep into my subconscious mind and I sometimes I wonder... where am I?

//Shattered Chocker: I Still Love You NYC //

// Holographic Glitter: Shine Shack //

// Furry Bomber Jacket: 1$ Goodwill Find Gifted By A Friend //

// Shades: Crossroads //

Is this the World I really live in? Filled with soul-less demagogues, cloud like smog, raging sirens, "alternate facts," and with all the answers but no conclusion.

I seek seclusion.

// Second Hand Jeffrey Campbell via Poshmark //

Away from this planet where we see an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but preach and teach the word to of God.

I spin and spin hoping to blur my vision so much that end up in another dimension, or at least until I can not longer see the destruction and delusion.

But then again, there are days where I like to put on a catsuit made by a visionary company that gives their scrap material to schools for kids to practice their sewing skills. I choose to support companies like these because it makes life feel a little less heavy all around. And being a super hero for the day, I feel one step closer to empowering myself and others.

Oh..and.. "Don't let the bastards beat ya!" My dad likes to remind me.

Light, RÅJÅ

Photography By: Vincent Tabora

Braids By: Suzie Garcia

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