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Now that we're all well-beyond the glow of the Holidays, it's time to sit back and let the looong winter months have their time in the sun (well, not actually in the sun cause it's winter but...you get it). For those of you gazing out the window longing for the days of warmth, music and 400 foot port-a-potty lines, take a look at these three must-see January performances coming to a beach, cruise ship or industrial warehouse complex (somewhat) near you...

Shiba San at Holy Ship 8.0

Don't let the threat of scurvy or crabs scare you off (there's on-board medical), adventurous sailors have been going nuts for this floating bi-annual festival in recent years. If mega-names like DJ Snake and Marshmello don't thrill you, maybe you're ready for the deep house samplings of DirtyBird Record's leading gunslinger, Shiba San. The Force is strong with this one and these sets will be fire, as he'll look to shred his first performances of 2017. Helm's alee!

When: Jan 6th-10th, 2017

Bonobo - Playa Del Carmen, BPM Festival

Let your mind and body wander the boundaries of ethereal pleasure at this 10-day mega-festival, which features over 375 artists, all set on the Instagram-worthy beaches of Playa del Carmen. Don't drink the water but do drink in the fading light of sunset as Bonobo gets you contemplating your inner goals and which of your pesky chakras is imbalanced.

When: Jan 6th-15th, 2017

Weval (live) Groningen, Netherlands, Eurosonic

Let the chemicals permeate as this Dutch duo closes out one of the first major European festivals of the year. Ideally, you'd love to be applying all that you've learned from the dozens of panels, speakers and interviews in the days prior, but alas, the warm blanket of debauchery shall soothe thy soul yet again. And when it's all over, you'll still be in the lovely Netherlands with a bike, some weed and plenty of legal prostitutes.

When: Jan 11th - Jan 14th, 2017

GRUM - New York, Cielo -- With St. Patty's Day only a week away, you'll want to get your liver nicely primed for the 145 ounces of green liquor you're sure to destroy. While I normally wouldn't steer you toward the Meatpacking District (obviously), there are certain exceptions that must be made and GRUM is one of them. Additionally, Cielo is an outlier in this part of town with surprisingly little douche-baggery.

When: March 10th, 2017

Said The Sky - Denver, Bluebird Theater If Valentine's Day wasn't the orgy of love you were anticipating, head down to Bluebird Theater for Denver-native Said the Sky. Get lost in the dreamy nostalgia of this early 20th-century theater while the euphoric dub-trap, electro-prog gets you swaying with your fellow patrons. At a 550-seat capacity, you can easily afford to bring enough party favors for anyone looking to slide into their first (or tenth) group endeavor. Pro tip: you don't need Viagra to love it. When: February 24th, 2017

What So not - New Orleans, BUKU Music and Arts

Let's be clear, if you need a reason to visit New Orleans for a music festival, there may be some underlying issues that need to be addressed. Two words: Hand Grenade. Those who know will smile. Those who don't need to find the nearest search engine. No matter your NO experience level, BUKU is ready to welcome you with Arms Wide Open (sorry Creed, you're not invited). And if you're looking for one set to end them all, What So Not will provide. This is the South, but trust...they don't care how High You Are.

When: March 11th and 12th, 2017

Other Worthy Mentions:

Stephan Bodzin - London, Bankside Vaults on March 14th, 2017 Trentemoller - Chicago, Concord Music Hall - March 19th, 2017

Kygo - Aspen, Belly Up Jan 28th, 2017

That is all.

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