Spellbound (Fall Lookbook)

As a child, Halloween was definitely one of my favorite holidays. Fall in general has always been really refreshing for me because I have always felt more focussed and inspired during this seasonal change. There were a lot of things that I loved about Halloween as a kid but dressing up as whatever character spoke to me that year was definitely high on the list.

// Peacock Clutch: Hampton House Vintage // Velvet Booties: Poshmark //

Expressing myself through costumes and fashion is actually something I didn't realize was so important to me, until I no longer did it. As a dancer, I spent a lot of time day dreaming about year end performances, mostly because this allowed me to perform for an audience and become someone else for the time being. Additionally, being draped in often elaborate costumes full of sequins and sparkles, hats and tutus and even hilarious redheaded boy wigs was filled with endless fun and glamour. When I was no longer playing pretend, it took me awhile to discover that there was something well... missing. Of course, I was working on set a lot but this was not always as fulfilling long-term because these projects were so short and fleeting.

// Magical Kimono: Saldana Vintage //

Actually, I think part of the reason I started Soulshine was to fill this void. The freedom to dream up new lookbooks, seeing them come to life and being endlessly creative has been extremely rewarding for me. Fashion, something I thought I despised, has become a huge outlet for creativity in my life in ways I could have never imagined.

// Velvet Mock Crop Top: Crossroads Trading // Disco Shorts: American Apparel //

I guess when I say, I despised fashion, you might be wondering what I mean by that? Let me try to explain... My mind was so preoccupied with auditions, freelance work and spending most of my time in bodysuits and tights, I didn't give as much thought to personal fashion as I secretly think I wanted to. I guess inadvertently this made me dislike it because I could never really express myself fully through fashion the way I wanted to. Weird? Maybe. I dunno know...? Back to the outfit..

// Chokers: Minc Collections // Lipstick: Tarte in Wet Suit //

For this fall lookbook, I decided to dance on the dark side and cast some enchanting spells in this magical sequin kimono by Saldana Vintage. I paired it with a second hand velvet mock turtle neck from Crossroads, disco shorts by American Apparel, second hand velvet ankle booties from Poshmark and my favorite piece, a vintage velvet Peacock clutch from Hampton House Vintage on Etsy.

I hope you love it as much as I do and it inspires you to get a little more adventurous with your everyday outfits. Why not? Let your soul shine through and the world see you, for you!

Happy Halloween!

Photography By: Tomo Saito in Dowtown LA

Hair By: Suzie Garcia

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