Starry-Eyed Festival Makeup

Sometimes it's really difficult to get great photos of the makeup looks I create at festivals. Mainly because it's not easy to control the conditions and also because... well, I like to live in the moment. So, instead I thought I would start creating some fun festival makeup looks at home so I can share them with you.

This is a really easy and attainable festival look you can create when you're looking to get out of your tent or RV as quickly as possible because that base sounds so dope! I used tiny little glitter stars that I got from Michaels Crafts and I glued them on using, erhm... a glue stick because I couldn't find my eyelash glue. I'm sure there are several other options that will stay on better and I do recommend using something fairly adhesive if you're going to be outside, you don't want these little glitter babies falling off and ruining your look and not to mention mooping onto the festival grounds. Moop, for those of you who don't know, is "Matter Out Of Place." Trash, litter, glitter, wrappers etc..

I thought I would do a bright lip to make the colors in the glitter stars pop, and I used 100% Pure's Poppy and mixed it with their Watermelon to create a bright pink lip.

Top Choker: Minc Collections // Bottom Choker: Minc Collections

I don't have any super pigmented eco eyeshadow palettes at the moment so I opted to use my old Naked Palette to create a simple gold eye. Blush is also by 100% Pure in Chiffon.

Lately, I've been drooling over jewelry pieces by Aussie designers. They've really got it going on over there fashion wise and I hope my travels bring me to Oz sometime in the very near future. Anyway, both of these chokers are made by Courtney Minogue at Minc Collections. I adore all of her creations!

This look was actually really fun to create and I anticipate doing more festival makeup looks. So stay tuned!

As always, peace and love! x

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