Desert Vibin' (Joshua Tree, California)

A few weekends ago we drove up to Joshua Tree with a friend's newly acquired badass festival RV. Her name was not determined yet but we started to come up with names such as Big Bertha or something slightly butch. Our mistake. We'd hoped she would provide us with many good times at some of the upcoming festivals our crew is going to attend.

Top: American Apparel // Shorts: Second Hand via Crossroads // Boots: Goodwill

Handkerchief: Vintage // Shades: Second Hand via Poshmark

Unfortunately, whilst on her maiden voyage and she really let us down and by let us down I mean broke down, what felt like a million times. Her tires blew, her radiator overheated and by the time we knew it we were stuck halfway to the campground on the the side of the road. What else do you decide to do when that happens? Make deep fried chicken and waffles! Of course! Obviously not vegan friendly but Averi from the blog The Pedal Project and I really stuck together on the vegan side of things. I must say it was actually very enjoyable to watch my friend Jordan, who is a celebrity chef, make deep fried chicken and waffles made from scratch on the side of the road... in an RV.

By the time we got the RV going again all of the campgrounds were fully reserved and we ended up on a friend of a friend of a friend's property that we got to by pushing the RV down the road dark road at 11:30pm. By we, I mean the guys, of course! None of the obstacles we encountered over the course of our drive were expected yet, surprisingly, didn't seem so out of place.

We all carried on as if the fun was to be had in the small moments rather than the expectation of what we went there to experience. We had to resign to all of our preconceived ideas and plans and just let it roll, literally! I think this can be applied to almost anything in life and 'going with the flow,' as they say, is actually the most valuable lessons.

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