We Are Here (Koh Phi Phi Island, Thailand)

We're all in search of something. Something we can't explain or put into words. We have expectations that something we see or do will change us in some way. We travel with hopes that it will transform us and we'll return with an answer, or a purpose that will bring meaning to our lives. It becomes clearer to me everyday that the more we seek, searching up and down, left and right, the cloudier our vision becomes.

- o -

We look but we don't always see.

We think we know how it's supposed to turn out and we think we know exactly what we're seeking. Adventure. Freedom. Peace. Whatever... but in reality, we're simply at the mercy of the flow of universe. Simply observers trying to understand and make sense of it all... to take it all in and absorb the beauty around us while often trying to capture it through the lens of an Instagram filter.

Vest: Renn's Creations via Westside Collective // Bikini: AMORROMA via Westside Collective

We search and we climb to the top hoping we'll come back with the answers. We seek the very thing we all have inside of us but can't seem to redeem. We look outside for our truths and yet the whole time everything we've ever needed is always, always right here with us.

- o -

Ready to share, ready to experience and create something bigger than ourselves. Larger than our hopes and dreams.

We. Are. Here. For now...

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