Earth Day

It took the planet as we know it about 14 billion years to create us. 14 billions years for life to exist. Our breath here is so unique and so dependent upon an ecosystem that is so exact, so perfect, it is truly a miracle. Now, in the year 2016 (or 14 billion-ish?), we face multiple challenges regarding the health of our planet, settling our differences of opinion and creating equality among humanity. All else aside, the one undisputed fact we can all agree on is that we have no other home and nowhere else to go.

Crop Top: Crossroads Trading // Yoga Pants: Teeki

We live and breathe the same air, under the same sky, with our feet grounded on the same Earth. Everyday we coexist together and we share in the beauty and mystery we call life. Despite our differences, we can agree that all of this is pretty special. We can agree that this is our only home in this ever expanding Universe and that if it suffers, we suffer. I am so inspired everyday to see so many people committed to change in our world. We move forward despite our setbacks, constantly trying to find ways to lower our personal carbon footprints, learn from our mistakes and make this planet healthy for our ancestors to come. Let's continue to inspire others to do the same in a non-judgmental, non-dogmatic approach. Let us come together in unison so that this beautiful thing we call life can continue to thrive for as long as it's meant to. Learning, growing, expanding, and of course changing. Happy Earth Day Everyone!

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