Joshua Tree, You Commanded Me.

Yoga Pants: Teeki // Crop top: American Apparel

Some things just can't be explained. Why our spirits are called in one direction or another. Why the sun rises and sets every single day yet we can never fully comprehend the magnitude of its beauty. Or why a simple red barn in the middle of the desert can be so mysterious, and tell a story so vivid, it's hard to look away.

☾ • ☽

Will we truly ever understand the power we possess? Or the enigma that we, consciousness, truly is? What does it mean to make a memory and have it fade? Why does beauty fade and memories leave lasting imprints on our faces that tell a story our past?

Is that why we're all in search of an answer - a truth or explanation of some kind?

Striving to ascend, to transcend.

Always curious. Never satisfied.

Always Seeking.

Always Dreaming.

Endlessly searching for something we seem to have forgotten somewhere along the way.

Sometimes when you stop to think about it, that something has always been the only thing we ever really had.


Our truths.

Our dreams.

☾ • ☽

All we really ever have are the things we can feel.

The things we want to touch but can't. The sky, the stars, the sun, the moon.

Love, laughter, joy, pain.

The parts of life we can't keep and save for later.

The only things we truly can't explain.

Experiences that come and go. Never one quite like the other.

We look and we search everywhere for answers to our questions.

And for now, that's all we can ever really do.

☾ • ☽

Stay curious.

Stay open.

Let love in.

And always, always, stay free.

Sharing sunset with one of my favorite people Grace.

Photography by: Averi (The Pedal Project)

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