They May Say I'm A Dream, But I'm Not The Only One

It's funny how the term “dreamer” in today's society has such a negative connotation. The definition of a dreamer can be regarded as one who has ideas or conceives projects regarded as impractical. Or a person who's ideas and plans are not practical or based in reality. I'm wondering, who's reality are we talking about and which one? Often the message we receive from society is one that encourages realistic people who will work hard at a 9-5 job five days a week without seeking their deepest level of passion or creativity. In return, society will accept you and you will be rewarded with “security.” Security, from what? Life? Security from what? True bliss, happiness and fulfillment? Security from what, what is real and true? Why is thinking “outside the box” considered so risky?

It's funny how the term “dreamer” in todays society has been considered a concept rather then an actual endeavor because when you think about it, historically we know that the Renaissance and the age of enlightenment from the 1400s-1800s was a period in time that people were actually encouraged to dream. People were encouraged to enjoy life and its wonders and let it inspire their actions. Those that lived during this period were able to think about things in a realistic way and found ways to set their differences aside. In doing so, they were able to work together to create a better future. Some of the most crucial inventions and artistic masterpieces came out of this period…some that we still use to this day.

Without Isaac Newton's discoveries we would not have the three laws of motion, which form the basic principles of modern physics. His discovery of calculus led the way to more powerful methods of solving mathematical problems.

Without the artistic vision of Michelangelo or Raphael, we would not have these great visionary masterpieces that tell us a story about our history. As we all know, people still to this day voyage from all over the world to marvel at these magnificent creations.

Without Leonardo Da Vinci, it may have taken years to discover that thrown or shot projectiles move in one curved trajectory rather than two which led to his theories of flight and eventually attempting to fly. Would we still be earth bound beings without him?

In the absence of these life altering discoveries we may not be where we are today. Was it the freedom of thought that led them to these great discoveries and artistic masterpieces? Was it the freedom to dream and love and dance and see that allowed the manifestation of these things into reality. And was it because they were encouraged to think “outside of the box” that they achieved great things?

So, where is this box? How big is this box? And most importantly why would anyone EVER want to be in a box? The older I get the more I realize that we are all in some form of a box. We are confined by the only reality that we know and for the most part, the size of our box is dependent upon how many commas you can count in your bank account balance. Often times, the size of this box is dependent upon winning the genetic lottery or being born to a family with wealth. It is dependent upon what part of the world you're from or whether or not you were encouraged in your early years to dream and be passionate in life. Education, race or religion and childhood upbringing also play key roles in determining the size of your box. Unfortunately, if you're not true, you can be controlled by everything around you. Societal conformities: up - down, black - white, right - wrong, left - right. Marching towards the future and holding on to the past. Gaining and losing space in our box every day, every hour, every hour minute and every second. Where is the inspiration and why are only a select few allowed this freedom to dream? So if all of these incredible ideas and inventions came from the freedom to dream and questioning reality as we know, then why is thinking outside the box so discouraged? Why is dreaming of new possibilities, breaking societal conformities, and a belief system outside of the mainstream media so wrong? “She'll never go anywhere, she's a dreamer.” or, “He's got his head in the clouds.”

I wonder, how have we created this box for ourselves and then lived in it without question? I feel that the world has become so blinded by greed that we cannot see beyond our lies to find our real truth. Why has our education system set up to force people into a “realistic” goal or "realistic" dreams?

I have to say, I am truly so blessed to have been encouraged by loved ones to dream and to go for what I truly wanted in life. Howver, despite having support throughout the years, I can't tell you how many times I have had people try to discourage me. People that don't even know me. Most have been quick to doubt and discourage and push their bleak views on life onto my dreams and visions.

So, I invite you to take a cosmic step backwards, step outside of that box and ask yourself – What am I really doing here? What impact do I want to have on this precious planet hurdling through the cosmos? Whose rules am I am I really playing by? I invite you to let your imagination lead you. Let it take you to places you've never been. Let it lead the way to a future that is inspired by love and creativity. Who knows what great idea, invention or discoveries your dreams may yield? Find out! Get dreaming!

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