Falling For Bliss

I was laying on my couch with the windows open just enough to let all the sounds from outside blow in. Seagulls, chirping birds, cars driving by, neighbors conversing, and then out of nowhere I hear a loud shrill from another building across from mine. The kind of shrill you hear only when someone is so overjoyed by the news they’ve just received.

Bodysuit // American Apparel // Photo Credit: Federico Mata

Like the moment you’ve just found out that you just got the job or you just booked some work. Or even right after being proposed to or finding out you are pregnant.. you get the idea. The point is, hearing these infectious bursts of happiness permeated my apartment and brought me to question what the excitement was about. It eventually lead me to think of some of those exciting times of sheer wonderment that have happened in my life.

I reminisced about how those moments make you feel like you can see nothing else around you and make your world spin upside down. You find yourself literally “jumping for joy” alone or with someone. Tears rolling down your face and you’re wildly invigorated. You feel like all your hard work has finally payed off and your patience has really proven its worth. Finally.

We have all had these moments in our lives. Some more and some less, but we’ve had them. This blog is not about anything other than the surreal feelings these changes in the wind create for us. We can’t recreate these breaths of air in our lives nor can we force them happen, they just do. So go ahead, close your eyes and take some time to remember a few times in your life where you’ve felt literally on top of the world and let those positive vibes rush through your body.

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