Totally Mystified: Eco Conscious Festival Look Book

I'm in love with color that POPS! This hand made swim top by Iconoclasp on Etsy has me excited for Summer! I'll pair this with my Priestess Teeki's, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, this beautiful vintage Kuchi necklace and some side corn rows for a daytime festival look. This year I'm at Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. It'll be my first Burn and I couldn't be more excited!

The look is sustainable, of course and I actually find it a lot easier to be unique with my wardrobe now that I don't spend my money in mainstream malls and clothing stores. One can easily be swayed and get caught up in trying to make things work when a hideous new fashion trend comes along because you don't have any other options. I remember going through that with those hideous 'long in the back and short in the front' baggy tops. No more please! Let's be free and create our own styles!

The Look: Top: Handmade by Iconoclasp on Etsy // Necklace: Kuchic // Leggings: Teeki

Also, great news on the eco fashion side of things because I feel that there will likely be a big shift away from fast fashion sooner then we think as I see many heavy hitters in the fashion world like H&M and the Gap starting to move towards a more eco form of advertising and sustainable textile production. Awesome!

Be weary of the green washing though, advertizing, as you know, can be very misleading. Do your research if you're in question and ask questions! For now, I will continue to source out my own goods from North American vendors and buy only vintage, handmade or second hand. More progress needs to happen and we certainly can't accept simply an "attempt" at equal pay and fair trade by this larger companies, they can be sneaky! When places like Forever 21, Free People, Urban Outfitters start to make big changes we'll be on the right path. Put your money where your heart is, let's evolve! The world is EVERYONE's oyster.

See you on the playa!

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