What Is Your Super Power?

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We're smart enough and evolved enough to know that if you teach a dog to whine or bark or sit or even kill with positive reinforcement it will continue to do these things and think it is virtuous. As we know, the same is true for humans. We come into the world as learners and we are taught what is good and what is evil. We know that if we teach our kids it's not OK to kill but killing in war is acceptable, we're sending mixed signals. We're smart enough to make those correlations. But we still ignore them.

We ignore them!

It's time we start doing as we say! Do “we” think it is OK to murder people? No, we call them crazy and lock them up. How is it OK for millions of people's lives to be affected by war, still? How can we simply be OK with knowing that people are needlessly dying everyday through violence or poverty? How is that not crazy? We need to wake up and realize that we know deep down inside this is not acceptable. We need to start walking our walk. Ending the violence instead of shoving it under the rug and accepting it.

We want this, we all want peace. We all want to coexist peacefully and we also want to live our lives the way we think is right. We know this because religion is one of the most widely understood principles in our world and mostly all religions are based on the idea of "love thy neighbor." We all want to love and be loved in return.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

So how can we start to uplift our world? One simple way to start is to consider the idea that each and everyone of us is born with a unique gift. This unique gift whether it be compassion, empathy etc.. is what you need to uncover. What are you really good at that gives you a sense of fulfillment and can be used to make this world a better place? We all know how great it feels when a someone, even a stranger, does something unexpectedly nice. We're uplifted and we share the story with others and as a result making them feel good too. What if you could also do this? Share your unique gift with someone and change their entire day, week, maybe even their life? It is this positive energy that uplifts us all and is more powerful then we can fully comprehend.

Hear this, we are conditioned by the MIND to believe we need to attach ourselves to these external materialistic things, ideologies and belief systems, in one word, ego. But we don't need them! We need to learn from them in a more pure way, but we don't need them to survive. We need each other. Connection. Love.

We are ignorant to our own demise and it is time that we stop just "liking and sharing" positivity on social media and actually doing and taking action. Take it personally, as will I! This is your world and the future of our children. If it helps, we can think about it as if we're are all super heroes with unique super powers that can transcend our reality and create a world where we are all excepted and we all are loved equally! It starts YOU and ME! So Get UP! Get MOVING! Be that glimmer of hope! You have world save!

What is your Super Power?

Mine is empathy.

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