I Am A Global Citizen

It took the planet as we know it about 14 billion years to create us. 14 billions years! The fact that we exist is a simply a miracle. Each and every single one of us is a miracle! Today, you might be shocked to know that 1 billion people are being treated as though they do not matter and are still living in extreme poverty. It can be difficult for us to understand what that really means when we have so much abundance that we have become complacent, wasteful and unresponsive.

Let me ask you these questions:

Do we really have 1 billion "throw away" people in the world? Do we really have "throw away" people? Is it really acceptable for us to say, "That's just the way it is, it's unfair but, the world is a horrible place and I can't do anything about it." Is that really the story we want to keep passing down generation after generation about this beautiful planet that has brought us into existence?

This poverty is not because we lack the resources. In fact, as it currently stands we can feed 2 billion ADDITIONAL people on the planet. We have more than enough. We are approaching 2016, there is no excuse anymore.

In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

If you want to help but feel confused about how, don't worry, here is your opportunity! This past September 2015 the UN held a festival in New York City. One hundred and ninety-three countries came together to come up with 17 World goals that we can collectively work together to achieve by 2030. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for us to look ahead at all the things we have to do to achieve our goals and we can come to think, "This seems impossible!" Well, guess what, we've already done it! Some of you may have heard of the Millennium Development Project that started in 2001. The World goal was to reduce world poverty from 36% to 18% by 2015. Not only did we achieve these goals but we surpassed them. This year global poverty fell to 12%. We can do it, we've already proven this.

So what are the Global Goals for 2030? Here is the list:

The Global Goals are who we, humanity, want to be. These goals are all worthy of our attention and are equally important in the grand plan, so how do we choose? I figure learn about each one and just pick the one that speaks to you most. The Global Citizen program actually has YouTube channel with playlists for each topic so if you want check them out this is a great way to study up and join the team. Also, check out this Ted Talk which I found very helpful as an overview.

I have decided to join the fight to end World hunger. One million of our human family, mostly children, die every year from needless starvation. Lack of food, a basic and required need for survival. You can learn more about each goal and what steps you can take to do your part by visiting www.globalcitizen.org.

Together, let's become the first generation to put our compassion into action and end World poverty. Let us speak up for those whose voice is not being heard, for we suffer when they suffer. WE have the opportunity to create change. Let's make it our mission to create a planet we can tell our grandkids is filled with beautiful, smart, loving people who are all given equal opportunity at life.

Unlock your power. Join us!

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