Let Our Trash Inspire Change

Today on my morning walk with my little pups I stumbled across a trash can near the mailboxes in my building that was over flowing with flyers and coupons.

To me, this symbolizes a society that is completely inundated and over its head in stuff. Junk. Useless material things. I made me refelct on how we are living in a world where consumerism is at its highest and frankly, we can't really keep up. Our minds can’t keep up. Our bodies can’t keep up. Our check books can’t keep up. Our landfills can’t keep up.

Holidays comes earlier and earlier every year and the “Christmas spirit” seems to be disguised in a very apparent and obvious form of CONSUMERISM that often, we selfishly ignore. Sometimes, if I let myself, I feel as though I can’t escape it. There are advertisements in my mailbox, my phone, my computer, sometimes everywhere I look. Sometimes it seems, I'm being attacks by advertisements from the moment I open my eyes to the moment I shut them. Everywhere I look something or someone is trying to get my attention when in reality what really needs my attention. Western culture has this way of making us feel that the more we have the better we’ll feel, and truthfully I think we've got it wrong.

The Holiday season is the time of ‘giving’ but can easily be weighed down with expectation. Gifts are meant to be given because you want to give, and not because it’s #GivingTuesday. Thanksgiving, a time we are supposed to reflect and be thankful for erm… American Imperialism, (That’s another story) but either way, a time to stop for gratitude is always positive. Is weird for me to feel a little skeptical when Thanksgiving starts on Thursday and is followed by #Black Friday, #SmallBusinessSaturday, #CyberMonday and newly added #GivingTuesday. Where is the reflection in that?

As we come into the month of Christmas baking, sugar plum fairies and gingerbread men, I urge you to take a moment to step back from all of it. Give the the gift of love this year! Share moments with your friends, family and even people you don’t know yet.

Try to allow for a part of your mind to remember that a happy holiday is not equal to loads of perfectly adorned trees and gifts and getting great shopping deals, but about how much love you can share with the people around you.

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