Free Your Mind

I feel the need to step away from social media for awhile. I used to think it was a great way to connect all of us and a place where we could bring light to things that need attention. At this point I feel that no matter how loud the message is, it is becoming drowned out by so much frenetic noise and chaos that it is too difficult for us to stay focused on our owntruths. I think it is important to speak out and up to our friends and family but looking back to most historical situations where we have had social media, we have missed the mark and we are still in the same place we were. Is it not about who we should or should not pray for, what should be on our Starbucks cups, what we change our profile picture to or how evil you think some people are because they do not see the world the same as you do.

We are sensitive creatures with feelings and emotions. Words, images, video, sound all have an effect on the way we think about ourselves and as a result how we view the world. We are being controlled by our news feeds, controlled by the news and controlled by our fear! So let us look inward and not down anymore.

It is certainly important to stay informed by media sources that are neutral but when we let

it consume our mind it perpetuates hate and fear into the physical realm.

Currently, our physical world is being mirrored by how we truly feel inside. Chaos, pain, hate, anger, anxiety, misery which are all derivatives of fear. What we see on the outside is horrible and ugly at times but if we focus on it and fight it with more fear then we will never see change. The answers do not equal more fear or more suffering, it is time to look inward for the answer. Love thy neighbor as thyself, it is true, but how much do you love thy self? Love yourself and your neighbor will be loved too!


Let us not ignore the problems because we’re desensitized.

Let us not blame others because we are afraid to look at our own faults.

Let us not kill others because we are afraid of being killed.

Let us quiet our ego and look inward for answers.


We are more powerful then we think and the more we rise above fear, the more we can stand in unison and see change in the world. We are all connected.

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